Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mark Fisher tweets today he's pressing forward w June lawsuit against #MAgop

Brad Jones, Hughes, Prunier & Kaufman Saturday vote to backdoor fund Charlie Baker in primary just may have backfired...


#MAgop voted Sat to Endorse: Income Inequality, Raising Minimum Wage, gun control, gay marriage, abortion, South Shore Rail, Cape Wind, Climate Change, Quinn and Bathroom Bills, Prop 2 1/2 overide spending and casino's. The #MAgop is effectively running a Full spectrum Democrat for Governor > Charlie Baker. What? And there is leadership at the +Red Mass Group  site leading the charge, effectively sitting at the Establishment table. Really? Keep attacking Fisher and Lombardo, Lyons from the left - fully noted and out in the open now...

Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility, potentially illegal, Ongoing #OCPF collusion charges w Baker & now shifting Party $ to him? Good read on Breach of Fiduciary Duty Class action lawsuit could apply here Re: #MAgop convention, Charlie Baker dealings #magov

Despite open OCPF collusion charges w Team Baker, #MAgop voted to move $ to Baker vs Fisher in #magov Primary. In face of #PayForPlay issues. Was this a prudent and proper safeguarding of Party assets? Open to yet more Legal action,damages...

@OCPFReports Charlie Baker Senior Staff PAID from MA GOP? #OCPF charges filed

Other legal cloud surrounding Chuck Baker and Mass Gop:
`Troubling allegations' about NJ pension deal involving Charlie Baker deserve close look  #SEC #magop #OCPF #magov

"There is a strong case" Gen Catalyst & Charlie Baker violated NJ pay-to-play rules
An Unhealthy Funding Event: Forbes  Charlie Baker NJ Corruption story going Viral #magov #magop

RT @FortuneMagazine: Mass gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker's big mistake #magop doubles down, votes Charlie Baker funds over Fisher anyway, backroom secret vote.

Team Baker handling of the New Jersey Pay for Play scandal. You might want to dig a bigger hole Chuck

Have a great Sunday Red Masstablishment. I'm with Marc Lombardo and Mark Fisher believing Republicans should be political opposition and not just a Democrat party accessory... Lombardo: There are those who want the Republican Party to be a true opposition party"... not a Dem accessory #magop
I hope all legal resources are thrown at the State Party as referenced above. Signed, disenfranchized Republican voter

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