Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Mass State Party Bosses told you Mark Fisher wouldn't make the Ballot, They were wrong

Judge puts off trial as says it will put Fisher on ballot via Legal victory for

Boston Globe: looks like to cave and put on ballot, subject to certification of signatures.

And Patriots died at the Alamo fighting for their beliefs and Country. They took a stand. While many cowards snuck out that night and put on Mexican uniforms to "win".  Baker's Platform represents Republican core beliefs? He's Pro Abortion, Anti #2a w Dems on gun control, for gay marriage and bathroom bill, for raising minimum wages and Casino's w Dems, w Dems on climate change and increased Green spending, Pro Prop 2 1/2 spending increases and Pro Union Quinn bill debacle, Flip flopped to Dem side in 2014 on South Coast Rail and Cape Wind. Disaster defending Big Dig in 2010 and now Pay to Play scandal Payola, Crickets on MAGOP crooked convention, faces pending OCPF collusion charges, and stunning Ballot legal defeat to prove it. On and on. Help me Team Unity Liberal Baker Backers, what is Republican about Charlie? And before you say Fisher can't win, Charlie Baker already lost in 2010. Fact. Reagan and Conservatives won in Mass twice, as did Real Republicans in blue states of Wisconsin, New Mexico and NJ recently. CONTRASTING w Liberals, not assimilating! The state Unity party bosses told you Fisher can't get 15% at Convention,  they were WRONG. Now they are telling you he can't win a REPUBLICAN primary? I'm not buying any of that. That said, Keep active voters and be vigilant out there! And question why Baker Backers will be attacking Fisher from the LEFT with Democrat talking points...

The State Party bosses also lost sight of the fact that Republicans will be voting for the Republican nominee this fall. No wonder they tried to "backroom politics" Mark Fisher off the Primary Ballot at the Convention. Unfortunately their over zealous plan to protect their ideologically frail candidate Charlie Baker backfired and resulted in a resounding Mark Fisher legal victory over Hughes and Team #MAGOP/Baker. The State Party bosses also missed the Mark, this is a right to vote State. Mark Fisher is now on the ballot with a Republican Primary slated for September.

We have a fired up Republican base set to wage a fierce primary battle against the State Party Machine and a failed liberal agenda on Beacon Hill! Time to take a stand against One Party rule!
It's David versus Goliath!

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