Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Man up Newt - The Truth hurts, Fact checking the SuperPac TV ad

Since Newt Gingrich was all worked up and complaining that his rival Mitt Romney was bombarding him with Negative ad's I decided to Fact check the ad for Newt. Were there dishonest smears, lies or maybe was it just the truth on Newts record?  Lets look at it item by item,

Link to the Mitt Romney Super Pac ad  run by Restore our Future - Happy -(IA)

1) Newt has more baggage than the airlines. - That is a tough one but in reviewing Newt's personal and professional career in DC and around DC as an Insider it is ACCURATE.  Newt has more baggage than the airlines.  Here is an endorsement from Ashley Madison  Al Sharpton Anti Constitution Globalist Alvin Toffler    

2) Newt Cashed in on Freddie Mac, making $30,000 an hour and made $1.6M in total.  Again this is ACCURATE.  $30,000 an hour milked out of Freddie here
Newt raking in $1.6M from Freddie is here

3) Newt made a Global Warming ad with Nancy Pelosi - ACCURATE and link here

4) Newt and Nancy Pelosi co sponsored  a UN bill HR 1078 that funded China's brutal One child policy.   That is ACCURATE   Link here :
 And disturbing Pelosi-Newt abortion record is here - again ACCURATE
5) Newt was reprimanded and fined $300,000 for House ethics violations is again ACCURATE with link here

In summary all the information on Newt's record used in the Restore our Future ad was accurate.  For all the whining, complaining and asking for Mitt to make the ad's stop it is very apparant the reason why. The truth really hurts!  And as Newt said today, I wouldn't vote for the guy in that ad!

I will also link to the Restore our Future backup and documentation on the ad. That is far more detailed and for cross reference and concurs with my findings as laid out.

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