Sunday, January 8, 2012

Newt & Obama - Positions side by side - same on a lot of issues

Look at this Mitt Romney ad running in New Hampsire and South Carolina which shows a side-by-side comparison of Gingrich and Obama. Issue after issue show a lot in common.  You can add they are  the same on Dept of Education and policies - See Sharpton, Newt pro Obama tours here >>>   Newt on Education Tour with Al Sharpton and Arnie Duncan promoting Obama's policies: and here >>>  Newt Gingrich Al Sharpton Education Tour   
And another thing Newt has in common with Obama? Both opposed to bold entitlement reforms. Newt, like Obama rejected the Paul Ryan plan that Mitt Romney fully endorses. And another issue Obama and Newt share - Big Government distaste for Free Enterprise and Capitalism. See the recent class warfare attacks launched by the DNC and Newt Gingrich against Mitt Romney & Bain Capital. 
And remember both Obama and Newt backed the Candidates against the Teaparty backed Coservative Doug Hoffman in the 2009 NY23 race.  With friends like Newt, Who needs the left?

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