Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jericho fans go Nuts for more Jericho - Targeting Netflix & Lennie James Update

Jericho Fans Place Netflix Wake Up Call - Nutty Fans Shell Netflix For Season 3 Deal. With a rumored deal for Jericho Season 3 on Netflix, Jericho fans start another round of nutty shelling to revive the Cult classic show. Thousands of pounds of Nuts are on the way to Netflix CEO Reed Harrison who is considering making a blockbuster deal with CBS for Jericho rights. 

Press Release:

Nutty Fans Shell Netflix For Season 3 Deal | PRLog

Viral Jericho Fan website and launching point to order Nuts and get updates on Ongoing efforts to help "facilitate" a deal with Netflix for Season 3.  

Lennie James aka Hawkins is 'definitely interested' in a  'Jericho' revival on Netflix.  Lennie is returning to 'TheWalking Dead" and a Jericho reunion could be in the works.

And remember - Nuts R uS! 

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