Sunday, March 28, 2010

John Loughlin - We're on a Roll Announcement

We're On A Roll...

     The last few weeks have been incredible for our campaign.  In addition to the support we've received from national leaders like Senator John McCain, Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor Mitt Romney, we've received key endorsements here at home including GOP committee chairs and town committees in the district.  As a veteran, I was particularly gratified to be endorsed by the Combat Veterans for Congress.

     We have also garnered a great deal of national media attention with a national AP story on the race, appearances on the Sean Hannity show, Moe Lane and The Fred Thompson radio show.  Most recently, my race was highlighted in The Hill.  Take a look at the website or find me on Facebook for more information.

     With winter behind us, I am looking forward to spending more of my time out in the district, meeting voters and talking to citizens about their concerns.  With our unemployment rate among the highest in the country, most people are concerned about the economy, runaway government spending and the lack of jobs.  We must get this country back on the right track and it starts with electing responsible leadership.

     Thanks to the support of folks like you, I've hired the Scott Brown team and have full-time staff on board.  We have a robust campaign organization to help guide us to victory.

     I need to ask for your help one more time.  The fundraising quarter closes on Wednesday 3/31 and we need to "run through the tape" and post a strong number, not only to show strength to our opponents, but also to pique the interest of national donors and thought leaders in Washington who have the ability to finance our stretch run.

     In fact, if everyone on this list gave just $10.00 or $25.00, we would get a huge bump, so please contribute today by clicking here Friends of John Loughlin.  Any contribution is welcome - the federal limit is $2,400 per cycle.

     Thank you for your support.  With your help, we will win in November!

     I thank you in advance for your contribution.

On to Victory!

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John J. Loughlin II

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