Monday, February 14, 2011

Whats the Better 2012 GOP Ticket? Romney/Rubio or Palin/West?

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Thought it would be fun to take an early look at a few choices for the 2012 GOP Ticket.  A Sara Palin ticket with Alan West would have Conservative appeal and the Mama Grizzly Team. Could Marco Rubio rally Southern Conservative/Teaparty support for Romney's broad voter appeal? How about a Huckabee/Pence ticket? I threw in Pawlenty and Daniels to have some darkhorse potential.


  1. Tough choices. A ticket including Herman Cain would be nice.

    I don't think Romney or Huckabee will make it through the primaries.

    I'm keeping an open mind with respect to Pawlenty. I think he has potential, but I think Santorum would hold him back.

    I think Palin is awesome, but I think the general election would be very tough for her.

    I hope west is on a ticket in the near future, but I would assume he will stay in the House for a while.

    Of the options presented, I think Daniels/Barbour would have the best chance of making it to the White House, but I'm no fan of Daniels and I hope we can do better.

  2. The ONLY viable ticket listed is Palin/West

    In fact, the only viable presidential candidate is Sarah Palin. She's the only one who will whip Obama like a rented mule on a daily basis.

    She's been doing it since 2008.

    Huckabee, Romney, and Daniels would have a better shot at switching parties and primarying Obama.

    All three of those have more in common, policy wise, with Obama than a Republican.