Friday, January 25, 2013

Newt, Beck and Palin depart as Fox News tacts left

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes proclaimed after the 2010 teaparty uprising that he made a "course correction" at Fox News, veering it away from the hard-right line. The former Nixon media mogul and CFR member has even publicly hinted at wanting Hillary and Bill Clinton on his Network.

First Ailes fired the outstanding Fox Contributor Newt Gingrich over speculation on 2012 Presidential aspirations. Newt had been with Fox since 1999 and had a target on his back with a multi year, multi million $ contract. Ailes has even recently skoffed at Newt coming back to Fox News stating - "He wants a CNN contract".

The next to get tossed out was Glenn Beck. As Ailes was tacking Fox back to the left Beck no longer fit his programming. Ailes doesn't dismiss the perception that he fired Beck. Glenn Beck claims he pulled the plug and has since started up his fast rising Blaze website, merging Radio and TV content uncensored and Center right Libertarian leanings. He has also tapped into the online streaming business as well as cracking into Satellite TV with his own station on the Dish. He has also recently brought on the Boston talk show rock star Jay Severin to pump up the radio side.

And today it is announced via Scott Conroy at Real Clear Politics that Sarah Palin is leaving Fox. No big shocker there as there has been reporting of friction between Ailes and Palin for the past two years. Palin probably saw no future with the now Center left Fox News and Ailes was probably more than happy to jet her mega contract. See a trend here? All the Conservative right talent is being knocked off the air akin to voluntary fairness doctrine Liberalise clamoring.

What is his next move? Hire Axelrod and Van Jones? And Hillary Clinton is a free agent again. I know since the biased coverage and move to moderate GOP panels the last election cycle, my TV is no longer turned onto Fox News. I subscribe to the Glenn Beck's Blaze TV/Radio, big Fan of the Senate Conservatives fund, Teaparty Express, Free Republic, #tcot and scouring social media and Blogs for true Conservative news these days. Roger Ailes and Fox News better beware - nobody watches or sponsors Liberal programming....    

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  1. I've pretty much stopped watching FOX too. Megan Kelly was just a tad too giddy when announcing obama won re-election. I'm done with them.