Friday, October 11, 2013

Freedom Seeker Endorses Conservative Mike Stopa in the #MA05 Congressional Primary

The editorial board at Freedom Seeker has enthusiastically endorsed Mike Stopa in the #MA05 Congressional Election. We need a trustworthy, principled Conservative to work tirelessly to articulate Republican principles and values. Mike will fight for jobs, life, liberty and prosperity in DC for we the people of Massachusetts. Mike is a passionate supporter of the free market, and deeply opposed to the unfairness of giving legalization status to illegal aliens, and will stand against Obamacare. 

We view Mike Stopa as the candidate most willing and able to stand up to the crony politicians of both parties in Washington DC. Mike values smaller government and his stand against Obamacare shows he is willing to take on Washington’s continued abuses on our liberties.

We encourage voters in Massachusetts to give all their support to Mike Stopa and not drink the media Kool Aid and listen to the consultants who tell us conservatives can't win in certain areas. 

For more info check out Mike Stopa's website here

Stopa for Congress

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