Sunday, January 5, 2014

When GOP MSM media gets questioned in Mass - they attack and slander Conservative activist

Case in point - Ex 96.9 WTKK Talk Host Michael Graham who now has a part time AM radio gig and is a part time writer for the Boston Herald. If you have caught his schtick - he loves to attack some Mass Rino's yet turns around and endorses his sanctioned Mass Rino's then gets all worked up when he gets called out on it.

Graham loves to 24/7 bash former #MAsen Primary winner Gabriel Gomez (Pro Life) but doesn't like to talk to the fact he actually endorsed Liberal Republican Dan Winslow in said #MAsen race. His epic endorsement of Winslow on 2/6/13 on his blog lives on in infamy > "All I can say at this point is “Run, Dan Winslow, run!" So we have Graham on record backing Pro Abortion, Pro Gay Marriage, Pro Transgender Bathroom bill, Dan Winslow who had a documented 55% Dem voting record. Hypocrite much Graham?

Move forward to 2014 and Graham is still piling on ex Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez (deservedly so on #2a flip flop) The only problem is Graham is again fan boying for another Mass Liberal Republican for Governor - Charlie Baker. And once again its crickets from Michael Graham. No vetting his Rino's allowed? What? Baker is on record as left of Obama on Social issues. Is Pro liberal gun control and Assault Weapon Bans. Has backed Unions on Quinn Bill, details and Prop 2 1/2. And all in for Transgender Bathroom Bill, Pro gay marriage and a history of being soft, unable to back up his Big Dig record - see 2010.

So when I confronted him on hypocrisy and lack of consistent vetting, we get nothing but insults and smear attempts. His vile response looked like this - "the problem in isn't hacks like , it's "for-sale" political hookers like who back them" Really? The only person getting paid here is you Michael Graham.  I also spent 2013 supporting Rick Green for Chair, Leah Cole, David Steinhof, Carol Claros & candidates Nationally tirelessly. Upon further review its Michael Graham who is part of the problem endorsing Liberal moderates like Dan Winslow, Charlie Baker and trying to silence those questioning his double standards.

Well Mr Graham - go pound sand. Your bully tactics not working here. I'm just going to shine the spotlight more on your buddies... Guess the old school media guys can't take the heat. But that's ok, they are going the way of the dodo bird. Extincted!

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