Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Best Pizza in New England? Hands down Pepe’s in New Haven CT!

I am a big Pizza guy that loves Italian brick oven baked pizza with a side affinity for Greek greasy and cheesy Pies. Tonight I came home to my son ordering two Domino Pie’s for tonight’s dinner!

My immediate thoughts were of eating at Pepe’s in New Haven CT often and Friday night Greek Pizza tradition. But I went with it and my comments later. Some info on the best Pizza Joint in this region! Pepe’s
Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana - New Haven, CT

Check out their website – here

There are many that argue Sally’s Pizza two blocks away is just as good. I have been to both and Side with Pepe’s but both stellar. If you are in New Haven CT this is a must visit. Check out the nearby Yale Campus district as well.

Getting back to my Domino’s pizza experience tonight, it was what it was average fast food pizza. But it brought me back to my College days eating many a Domino’s Pizza at 1:00 AM on a tight budget. It was actually a nice subconscious flashback to those days.

Off topic if in CT near Pepe’s find a Blackies for world class hot dogs or Archie Moore’s for Buffalo wings! We will be going to Pepe’s in near future to expose him to Pepe’s world class best Pizza!

Something special about eating Domino Pies with my son tonight, Harry Chapin moment, my boy was just like me.

Brought me back to a Field of dreams moment, Dad do you want to have a catch?

Miss having my catches with my Dad, but smile at having many catches with my son. Not sure how I went from Pizza to here but that Father Son catch clip in Field of Dreams tears at my heart and always makes me tear up. I guess I’m just like my dad and my boy is just like me.

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