Friday, October 16, 2009

A defiant American Private Police Force vows to return to Montana

In a move of pure defiance to the Montana Attorney General APPF’s Michael Hilton announced today he had a deal in place to return to
Big Horn County leasing a 1,200 acre property for a military training ground. This is the same guy run out of Hardin, Montana over a bungled attempted Private Civilian Police force and Prison deal.

I wonder what the Attorney General thinks about this development? AG Steve Bullock released this statement October 14, 2009:

"When we opened our investigation into American Police Force a week and a half ago, it was our goal to guarantee that no Montanans were taken advantage of or conned by this company.

Because Michael Hilton and American Police Force will not be doing business in Montana and because I'm unaware of any Montanans who have been harmed financially by this company, our goal has been achieved and we have suspended our inquiry.

In our investigation, my office requested that American Police Force produce basic information to support the claims it had been making. Mr. Hilton's failure to answer these simple questions about his company speaks volumes about his company's legitimacy."

Hilton and APPF left Montana with an outstanding arrest warrant on a motor vehicle infraction and stiffed a local Inn for $1,000 via a bounced check. In the past week the Mercedes he blazed into town with were repo’d by ex APFF Attorney and Investor Maziar Mafi. Hilton who has a long criminal record in California and has served time is no stranger to financial deals gone wrong and now faces Legal action again in California spurred by the APPF dealings.

What started as a potential conspiracy shady Private Police force deal in Montana moved on to a corrupt deal with an ex con man gone bad is back in the news. That Hilton thinks He and APFF can just March back into Montana defies all logic. The Attorney General, the Citizens of Montana, The New online MSM are not going to let this happen under the radar. I know it’s not going to go unnoticed by me.

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