Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Debate round one - Gabriel Gomez hurt the older, slower opponent - Ed Markey

Not only did +Gabriel Gomez look better than Markey which was a given, he came across as the more reasonable, grounded and centrist candidate here in very Blue Massachusetts. Markey was exposed for what he is, a 40 year DC career hard left partisan politician. That lands him smack in the middle of the mess and dysfunction that is DC.

Forget the Liberal media pundits and both parties spinners. Gabriel Gomez came across very well in tonight's debate. Just like the primaries, in comparison to older career politicians Gabriel's message, life story and personailty resonates with voters. Ask Dan Winslow, Mike Sullivan about how that works.

If I was in Team Markey right now I would be more than a little concerned. And they are - bringing in Obama next weeks validates that....

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