Tuesday, June 4, 2013

IRS - This is outrageous - Via Paul Ryan


At today’s House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the IRS scandal, one member tried to suggest that the victims of the IRS scandal are to blame because they chose to apply for tax-exempt status. He even called the IRS hearings “political theater.”

This is outrageous. We know for a fact that people were singled out because of their beliefs. A few weeks ago, former IRS commissioner Steven Miller admitted that groups on the other side were not given the same treatment.

We can’t stand for this. When a government agency abuses its power, we need to hold it accountable.

This is the arrogance of big government. This is the danger of a Washington that believes it knows better than you. We need to fight back.

Contribute $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can afford today to help us hold the Obama administration accountable.


Paul Ryan

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