Saturday, October 3, 2015

Donald Trump supports controversial Ethanol RFS Standards in Iowa

Donald Trump said he now supports ethanol 100%, backing RFS and related Govt mandates and subsidies. This is a position that is widely unpopular with Conservatives. Trump's comments on this “there’s no reason not to. We need it. We need everything we can get. Ethanol is terrific.” Trump now lines up with Obama, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson supporting Ethanol. Conservatives Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have voted against Ethanol subsidies and oppose RFS. 

Trump is showing a resolute willingness to support Big Govt liberal positions such as Ethanol, Government paid Universal Healthcare for all, Eminent Domain, Affirmative Action, Funding the good parts of Planned Parenthood, Govt Bailouts, Progressive Taxation, and Amnesty for "the good one's". 

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