Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trump calls out ignorant conservatives "I think eminent domain is wonderful"

Amazing! Donald Trump tells  on Fox News that conservatives oppose eminent domain because they're ignorant. "I don't think it was explained to most conservatives." Trump proceeds to say over and over that "I think Eminent Domain is Wonderful" Once again Trump is starting to show his NY Liberal streak. Hopefully Primary voters are starting to wise up.

This is hardly a new Progressive Big Government position held by Trump. See below for a bevy of links and articles written over the years on Trumps crooked Eminent Domain practices.

Club for Growth Action Ad Hits Trump on Eminent Domain

Donald Trump`s Eminent Domain Empire  via Michelle Malkin

Trump Abuses Eminent Domain via Larry Elder

Donald Trump’s Crony Liberal Achilles Heel: Eminent Domain Property Seizure. via Tom Ewing

Donald Trump’s history of eminent domain abuse  via Ilya Somin

Video of Trump outing himself on Fox News:

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