Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 Truths about Dan Winslow - Quoting Dan himself!

1: Dan Winslow (R) loophole tax plan "I'm going beyond what Elizabeth Warren has said"   Dan in his own words tacts left of the Progressive Democrat.

2) Dan Winslow (R) says GOP deserve to lose Senate seat by nominating pro-life candidate   "If we continue to send basically gifts to the democrats in the form of culture wars, for general elections, then the democrats will continue to beat us and we'll deserve to lose," said Winslow in an interview with WCVB TV. "In Massachusetts, a social conservative can not win in June. People can make a point in a primary, but they can't win in June."

3) Dan Winslow (R)“I’m unapologetically pro-choice,” he said. “I’m the only candidate of either party that’s been pro-choice consistently throughout my public life.”   Nothing more to add to that one,

4) Via @TSCPolitics > Dan Winslow said on campaign trail he voted with Democrats 55 percent of the time.  Confirmed by Team Winslow's > Brad Marston >  Dan votes with Democratic Leadership 55% of the time. While that is technically true.... legalese talk and rationalizing said fact followed

5) Red Mass Group: MA House Passes Transgender bill, Dan Winslow only GOPer to vote for Bill Rep. Daniel Winslow (R-Norfolk), was the only House Republican to support the bill.  Also > RT & Indys now say Winslow Yes vote on bathroom bill will kill his chances of needed grassroots.

Rep. Dan Winslow (R-Wrentham) was the only Republican voting for it. Winslow was Gov. Romney's Chief Legal Counsel who in 2004 facilitated "gay marriages" and was subsequently endorsed by the homosexual/transgender lobby when he ran for state representative.

Now leave it to a career politician/Attorney to try and deny the core of what he voted for. Great read on this bill

What kinds of things will we be seeing? Is it still a "bathroom bill"?

We were never thrilled about the term "bathroom bill" because it was just a small part of the entire radical package. And thus, the bill's proponents were able to deflect it at the last minute by simply pulling out that explicit language. But it's still a very radical bill.
The homosexual/transgender lobby is publicly lamenting the removal of the "public accommodations" sections from the final bill. The final bill also removed the language regarding "lawfully sex-segregated facilities." However, this "victory" is illusionary, not to be taken seriously.

Its pretty darn clear and right from Dan Winslow's own mouth that he went further left than Elizabeth Warren on tax loopholes. Said that Pro Life Republicans deserve to lose. That he is the most Pro Choice candidate in either party ( Ed Markey D). He votes 55% of the time with Democrats. He was the only Yes GOP vote on a very radical Transgender bathroom bill.

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