Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Michael Sullivan says Gun groups "Secretly backed him" - What that looks like

I was shocked to hear Mass Senate Candidate Mike Sullivan, whose ATF nomination was opposed by Republican Senators and almost all major gun groups say on Howie Carr yesterday that they "Secretly backed him". Really? This is what secret backing looks like in Mike Sullivan Land.

Mike Sullivan no friend of gun owners. Was for stricter gun control & bans Spoke > JoyceFoundation events

MA Sen candidate Mike Sullivan shown to be as anti-gun as Ted Kennedy via

Candidate Mike Sullivan (R) tied to Gun Control Groups & endorsed by John Kerry

We'll miss him in Mass (Mike Sullivan) & I look forward to working w him on gun control, Ted Kennedy

Urged Senate to Withhold Mike Sullivan Confirmation at ATF, concerns

Candidate Mike Sullivan On The Ropes: Ties to Gun Control Lobby & Liberal Joyce Foundation

Pro-Gun Groups Urge Senate to Reject Mike Sullivan (R)

Idaho Senators Block Bush’s Gun Grabber Michael Sullivan ATF Appointment

Mike Sullivan opposed by: Gun Owners America, Citizens Right to Keep Bear Arms, Jews Preservation Firearms Ownership, Women against Gun Control,

Liberal Ted Kennedy endorsed Michael Sullivan for Bush ATF position Sullivan blasted by group

ATF Director Michael Sullivan: “Unfit For Office” Gun Owners of America

Senator Vitter (R) Holds Nominee Mike Sullivan w gun concerns

An Open Letter to the People of America: on Mike Sullivan & issues

2nd Amendment advocate unhappy with Bush's ATF nominee - Michael Sullivan

Candidate Mike Sullivan was under fire from gun groups on backing Schumer/Bloomberg on gun tracing

The NRA expressed its concern over the Mike Sullivan's "overly restrictive legal interpretations" and "overly zealous enforcement activities" 

Michael Sullivan “Unfit For Office” candidate via Women Against Gun Control

Shocking - candidate Mike Sullivan (R) ties to gun control groups - Georgia Outdoor


  1. Please provide a more current review of Mr. Sullivan's anti-gun activity.

    Mr. Gomez has stated he supports Obama and gun control.

    How do you reconcile this?

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  3. So who on the GOP side is more "gun friendly"??? or the Democrat side for that matter?