Saturday, April 27, 2013

The editors at Freedom Seeker endorse Gabriel Gomez for Senate

     After working with and getting to know Gabriel it is apparent to us he is exactly the kind of 

leader that "We the People" need in the Senate. He is a son of immigrants, a Navy SEAL, 

family man and a successful businessman. Gabriel is preeminently qualified and has the 

experiences needed to bring a much needed outsider's perspective to Washington.

     We are proud to endorse Gabriel Gomez in the fight to take back America. We believe that 

he will defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic 

as our U.S. Senator. Gabriel Gomez is a proven leader in the business community, We need to 

send more citizen candidates like Gabriel Gomez to D.C. that are willing to do what is right.

     We cite Gabriel's Service as a Navy carrier pilot and SEAL “Nobody has done more to 

advance the cause of freedom than Gabriel Gomez.” We have always thought Gabriel Gomez was 

an outstanding candidate and offer our full support and endorsement of his Candidacy.

     We applaud Gabriel Gomez who has been reaching out to minorities in the state's urban areas

like Boston, Lowell, Springfield & Lawrence. This is a brilliant strategy to turn out new Republican voters 

many whom share core conservative values with Republicans. But in many instances no outreach efforts have 

ever been made or were done with bad messaging. Gabriel Gomez is uniquely qualified to expand party outreach, 

critical to helping win a General election campaign in Massachusetts.

     Gabriel has been winning over voters with a tireless campaign highlighting personal interactions and voter outreach. People are sick and tired of outside special interest groups spending money in political attack ads. We believe Gabriel's grassroots efforts are going to pay dividends! We admire his common sense conservative principles and core Republican values. We believe that Gabriel Gomez will go to Washington to serve the people of Massachusetts, protect our Constitution and work hard for common sense solutions to help and restore the United States of America.

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