Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jim Demint - We can endure if we stand for principle

The Heritage Foundation
Dear Patriot,

This has been a trying week for our nation.

But our nation will endure so long as we the people stand up for our principles -- principles like freedom and limited government.

As our nation recovers from tragedy, we cannot lose sight of other ongoing battles.

Take the Second Amendment. This week, the Senate voted down a liberal-led bill that would have limited our constitutional rights.

Or consider the fight over federal spending. To “fix” the problem, Washington liberals have raised taxes and have plans to raise them even more. And the sequestration spending cuts won't even put a dent into the $16.5 trillion debt.

Meanwhile, unemployment remains high and increased taxes mean families earning $50,000 a year are taking home about $1,000 less in 2013.

We need a solution for the federal budget that doesn't involve more taxes. We need meaningful, strategic reforms that will lead to long-term spending cuts.

The Heritage Foundation has developed a plan to cut $150 billion from the federal budget so we can start limiting government.

Our solution will:
  1. Eliminate waste;
  2. Consolidate overlapping programs; and
  3. Slash unnecessary spending.
Our plan is a first step in limiting the size and scope of the federal government.
Learn more about our plan and how you can get involved.

Thank you for all your support.

Sen. Jim DeMint
The Heritage Foundation

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