Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gabriel Gomez calls out Career politicians, Mike Sullivan

Via Gabriel Gomez today in Wilmington:

“Unfortunately, this is what we’ve come to expect from career politicians and the people of Massachusetts are sick of it.  Politicians like Mr. Sullivan wink and nod about out of state interest groups and then have them sling mud on their behalf.  Rather than hide behind out of state interest groups, Mike Sullivan should either disavow the statements from this extreme group and demand that they take their attack ads elsewhere, or Sullivan should man up and deliver these attacks himself.  This is why people don’t trust politicians, they lack the courage to be up front and honest."

Spot on, people are sick and tired of career politicians and lack of courage. See what a fresh face, new idea's and challenging status quo looks like > Republican newcomer Leah Cole victory last night.

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  1. This is an outside expenditure group which by law cannot coordinate with the campaign nor give the campaign the cash. The campaign can't ask them for anything, and they can't ask either. Absolute zero of any money raised goes to Sullivan. The campaign can't talk to them and they can't talk to the campaign. There is no TV ad and nothing has even been produced. This is typical bloviating fodder. It's shameful that the Gomez campaign is so misleading.