Thursday, March 14, 2013

A pattern of corrupt Democrat admin officials in Massachusetts

I'm shocked! Great summary and update on the @MassDems Corruption and misuse of taxpayer trust and money.

For Immediate Release
March 14, 2013
Tim Buckley
What They Are Saying
 About Gov Patrick & His Pattern Of Corrupt Admin Officials
“Oozes contempt” … “Won’t man up to obvious mistakes” … “see-no-evil management” … “wretched record of appointments”

"It’s bad strategy to have a royally paid, partial-show commissioner while the governor is leading a revival-style rally for higher taxes.
"It also looks like the governor for whom she worked doesn’t respect the taxpayers enough to acknowledge the reality of the situation.
"Instead of owning up to bad judgment, Patrick oozes contempt for people who focus on what he considers the little picture. To Patrick, an unqualified patronage hire here or an overpaid no-show there is trivial up against the big picture that’s also known as his vision. He argues with passion and guts for the next generation of smart state investment. But he won’t man up to obvious mistakes." The Boston Globe’s Joan Vennochi 3/14/13

"But it’s par for the Patrick administration course, which has mastered see-no-evil management while creating new laws the rest of us must live by. Taxpayer-backed food-stamp cards were used for everything from alcohol and tobacco to bail for years, due to lackluster enforcement. Public Safety Director Mary Beth Heffernan hired a state highway director with a lengthy driving record that included six crashes and several speeding violations." Lowell Sun 3/12/13
"Every other week or so, another of his unqualified and/or bent appointees goes down in flames. But he wishes them all well as he reluctantly kicks them to the curb, and sometimes he even finds new troughs for them in the hackerama.
"But it’s not just Sherri Killins. It’s Tim 'Crash' Murray, the lieutenant governor who still hasn’t explained why he wrecked a state car while going 108 mph. It’s ex-welfare commissioner Dan Curley, he of the 47,000 nonexistent people with EBT cards. It’s Mary Beth Heffernan, the former secretary of public safety, who presided over the cover-up of Crash Murray’s accident and was then booted upstairs to a judgeship. And, before all those layabouts, it was Sheila Burgess and Annie Dookhan and Carl Stanley McGee and Ron Bell and Mark Conrad and Marian Walsh and … do you begin to sense a pattern here?"  Boston Herald’s Howie Carr

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