Friday, March 8, 2013

Democrats Lynch & Markey helped Destroy Mass jobs - So elect them!

Great MA Gop Summary and documentation on how Democrat Senate Candidates daggered Massachusetts jobs with their stealth and back door ObamaCare taxes. Why do people keep voting for these career hack politicians working against there voter bases?

For Immediate Release
March 8, 2013
Tim Buckley

Lynch, Markey Fight for Title of ‘Best Job Killer’ When Sparring Over Obamacare
Boston- Congressman Ed Markey and Steve Lynch are ignoring their job-killing vote to impose a medical device tax as they seek to out-liberal each other on Obamacare.  Nationwide, their pro-tax votes have cost thousands of jobs in the medical-device industry, including jobs here in Massachusetts.
“While Markey and Lynch fight over who makes the better foot soldier for the D.C. Party bosses, the people of Massachusetts deserve to know that both of them voted for job-killing tax increases in an industry important to the future of Massachusetts. There are residents of this state who literally lost their jobs because of the votes taken by Markey and Lynch.  Now that’s an issue I’d like to hear them discuss,” said Kirsten Hughes MassGOP Chairman.
An Andover Medical Device Company Laid Off 100 People Friday To Cope With Medical Device Tax. “A medical company is blaming President Obama’s health care law for the layoffs of nearly 100 people. Smith & Nephew says a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices in the “Obamacare” law caused the layoffs in the Memphis and Andover, Mass., offices.” (Medical Company Blames ‘Obamacare’ For Layoffs Of Nearly 100 People,” CBS DC, 2/1/13)
Medical Device Tax Destroyed "Thousands" Of American Jobs Already Across The U.S. "'Placing a new tax on the backs of U.S. medical innovators and entrepreneurs who employ more than 400,000 Americans is not a prescription for economic growth or job creation,' said Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.), who sponsored the bill. 'In fact, companies have already laid off thousands of employees as a result of this onerous new tax, and more jobs will be lost now that this tax is in effect.'" (Pete Kasperowicz, "GOP, Dems call for repeal of $30 billion medical device tax," The Hill, 2/7/13) 
In June 2012, Ed Markey And Stephen Lynch Voted Against Repealing The Job-Destroying Medical Device Tax. “Passage of the bill that would repeal an excise tax of 2.3 percent on medical devices created under the 2010 health care overhaul. It also would repeal the overhaul law’s restrictions on using tax-preferred accounts to pay for over-the-counter drugs and allow individuals to recoup up to $500 of unused funds that are left in their flexible-spending arrangements (FSAs) after the end of a plan year. It also would make individuals who receive subsidies to help buy coverage in the state insurance exchanges liable for the full amount of any overpayments.” (H.R. 436, CQ Vote #361: Passed 270-146: R 233-0; D 37-146, 6/7/12, Markey and Lynch Voted Nay)   
Obamacare A Central Issue In Democratic Primary "Three years later, Lynch’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act remains one of the better known moments of his Washington career, raising questions about his record. It hovers over his primary race against fellow Representative Edward J. Markey, who has called passage of sweeping health legislation “one of the most important votes of my career.” (Eric Moskowitz, "Lynch’s health care vote at issue in Senate campaign," The Boston Globe, 3/8/13)

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