Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Republican Gabriel Gomez raises substantial money in Mass Senate primary

Gabriel Gomez is set to release significant fundraising numbers for the past 5 weeks tomorrow. According to reports that figure will be $350,000 which is a huge number for a relatively unknown candidate and political outsider.  Gabriel is the son of Colombian immigrants, a former Navy SEAL, a HSB grad and a local businessman. 

“From the beginning, I’ve said the problem in Washington is not a lack of ideas, but a lack of courage,” Gomez said in an advance statement. “The overwhelming level of grassroots and financial support shows that Republican and independent voters agree.” Gomez said he will continue to ask voters for support “in sending to Washington a new, fiscally conservative voice for reform.”

This will be a huge boost to his campaign and foster further contributions and support as his candidacy takes on increased legitimacy. It also allows Gabriel to continue to expand his campaign and opens up potential  future positive media buys to spread his message and tell his compelling story to the voters.

My money is on the Navy SEAL in this primary... 

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