Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deval Patrick punishes achievement and hard work by raising taxes on students in Massachusetts

Good read from the Mass GOP on the insane tax increases that Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick is looking to ram through on taxpayers.

For Immediate Release
March 5, 2013
Tim Buckley

Patrick Rallies College Students for Tax Cuts that Hurt Them and Their Families

BOSTON– Governor Deval Patrick is giving college students a real lesson today in how Beacon Hill works: only tell voters half the truth while trying to convince them to support tax increases that hurt them and their families.

Patrick’s historic tax increases include elimination of higher education-related deductions that will take $73 million more from the pockets of over 320,000 parents and students who pay state taxes, according to the Massachusetts Taxpayers Association.

“Patrick’s push for the largest tax hike in state history hits nearly every taxpayer in the state, and students and their parents are no exception.  Patrick punishes achievement and hard work by raising taxes on students who receive scholarships, and you have to wonder if the governor has fully educated these students on the real impact of his tax increases,” said Kirsten Hughes, MassGOP Chairman.

Under Patrick’s Tax Plan:
Tuition Tax Deduction – gone
Exemption of Scholarships and Fellowships – gone
Personal Exemption for Students Aged 19 or Over – gone
Employer-Provided Education Assistance – gone


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