Friday, March 1, 2013

Breaking - 9 Mass GOP Senate Debates in the works: details emerge

Details and topic points are being hammered out by Team Winslow and awaiting formal declaration, and sign off's from Gomez and Sullivan. Expect a formal announcement to be soon and forthcoming: The Debates will be 6 hours each and Lincoln/Douglas/Kennedy format.

Debate 1: The Bathroom Bill

Debate 2: Taxes, "Revenues" and "Balanced" approaches: Tolls, gas, cigarettes, Income, Estate, Tanning beds, Medical Devices and Campaigns targeted

Debate 3: How electricity is made, Government subsidies and the Volt

Debate 4: The Bathroom Bill and Transgender roles, Govt responsibilities

Debate 5: Climate Sustainability, Global Redistribution of Wealth and Fairness

Debate 6: The Bathroom Bill & Liberty

Debate 7: ATF, Ashcroft and the Bush Doctrine in 2013, Open Source Govt, Net Neutrality and NDAA

Debate 8: Media bias, How to spell Colombia - Google it

Debate 9: The Bathroom Bill - Massachusetts a model for Nation

I expect the Sullivan Campaign to hold out for more ATF/Gun control, Senate approval process, ICE and Role of Pacs/Rove/Koch topics. Gabriel Gomez will be looking for at least one debate in Spanish and Navy Seal #OPSEC Topics.

Look for more updates at the MASS GOP straw poll on Saturday.

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