Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gabriel Gomez on a strong National defense and protecting Freedom and Liberty

Good Outline on Republican Gabriel Gomez Foreign policy and National defense. From His official website Issues page

As a former Navy SEAL, I know how essential it is for freedom here and around the world that America maintains a strong national defense. We need to preserve our ability to stand up for our allies and protect ourselves.
America has no closer ally than Israel, and we must work together not only to ensure Israel’s security but also to promote freedom and encourage peace throughout the Middle East. I support a two-state solution that is negotiated by the parties and includes defensible borders for Israel.
I recognize Israel’s right to defend itself from the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran and I believe the United States should take whatever steps are necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.
We must confront the real threats to freedom and we must sustain the readiness we need to protect our security and sustain the cause of liberty.

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