Sunday, March 3, 2013

Michael Sullivan Last at Mass GOP straw Poll, Last on Social Media

The Final Mass Gop Poll had Michael Sullivan coming in a very disapointing dead last place, behind upstart and political outsider Gabriel Gomez. Establishment left of Center Moderate Dan Winslow (79) won the Straw poll by 20 over Gabriel Gomes (59).

Dan Winslow caused a stir backstabbing the Straw Poll event, Mass GOP chair and participants afterward because it was held at a Yacht club Function Room. “They gave us three minutes to speak today; three minutes is longer than I ever wanted to spend in a yacht club,” Winslow said. Perplexing as Winslow himself is a listed director at the Pamet Harbor Yacht & Tennis Club per his own campaign filings. link >

In a more concerning trend for Michael Sullivan, he is badly trailing the other candidates on Twitter, Facebook and has yet to establish an official website. Eyebrows are being raised that the older Bush/Ashcroft Candidate Michae lSullivan and his campaign might not be ready for a 2013 Campaign.

Cape Cod Today is up with an Online Poll: And like the Red Mass Group Poll - Gabriel Gomez is leading.

Gomez 38%
Sullivan 13%
Winslow 10%

Over at Red Mass Group - Gabriel Gomez is still winning their online Poll with Dan Winslow a surprising third.

Gomez - 1,146
Sullivan - 802
Winslow - 613  Vote here

Updated Stats for Sat/Sun:

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,509, +26
Twitter - 2,485, +32

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 4,732, +318
Twitter - 1,497, +90

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 1,091, +34
Twitter - 193, +24

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