Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amazing - Groups forming to Raise our Taxes in Mass?

Great Find from Mass Fiscal, leftist takers are conspiring to get more taxes out of the providers. Please read more below. We need to stand up and say NO MORE! See Mass Fiscal research and links to help check the insanity.

Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance

I wanted to pass along a story that was published in the State House News titled "Organizers Predict Big Turnout at Rally for Higher Taxes." You read that correctly, rallies are being organized to raise our taxes. You may read the story on our website by clicking here.

In an effort to try to show the other side of fiscal responsibility, Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance has launched a program called "Coalition Partners." We hope other groups that care about taxpayer money and fiscal responsibility will join us and consider becoming a Coalition Partner. You may learn more about becoming a Coalition Partner by clicking here.

If you know of any local groups or organizations that care about the direction of our state and want to see fiscal responsibility, please forward them this email. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions by clicking here. Thank you.

Paul D. Craney
Executive Director
Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance

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