Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rand Paul to deliver Teaparty response to Obama's State Address

Senator Rand Paul has been chosen to respond to Obama's State of the Socialist Union party address this week. Rand now follows Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain who delivered the past two Teaparty addresseses. Rand Paul looks to be rallying Teaparty, Conservative, Liberty and fed up with status quo Republicans.

In what may be a preview of the 2016 Presidential race, Rand Paul will also be competing with the GOP establishment address being given by Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio who has distanced himself from the Teaparty in the past. Marco Rubio is also feeling heavy criticism from the Conservative's in the party for his Illegal Immigration and Amnesty overtures.

Stay tuned to see the different visions for our Country.  

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