Monday, February 25, 2013

WBUR Polls Shows Little Support for the Democrat Mass Gov. Tax Hike Plan

The tax and spend liberals are at it again in Massachusetts. Voters accross all political spectrums are fed up! See Mass Fiscal's press release and summary on poll below.

Press Release

For Immediate Release February 15, 2013

WBUR Polls Shows Little Support for the Governor's Tax Hike Plan

Jobs, Economy and Tax Relief are High Priorities Wakefield, MA: Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance made the following statement today regarding a WBUR's poll that shows nearly 50% of voters "strongly or somewhat oppose" the Governor's budget plan. The cross tab data may be found on WBUR's website.

The data shows that nearly 40% of Democratic, 74% of Republican and 52% of unenrolled
voters strongly or somewhat oppose the Governor's plan. The poll shows when asked if cutting
state taxes should be a high priority, nearly 43% of Democratic, 49% of Republican and 52% of unenrolled voters believe it should be a high priority. Jobs and the economy remain hot button
issues, in which 96% of Democratic, 90% of Republican and 93% unenrolled voters agree should
be a high priority.

"Clearly this poll shows that voters from all parties want to see our elected leaders support efforts that create more jobs, improve our economy and cut our taxes," stated Paul D. Craney, Executive
Director of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance.

"Higher taxes and more state spending don’t seem to be the will of the voters at the moment. Massachusetts continues to rank as one of the least friendly states to do business and the cost of living is high. We need to do more to provide relief for these two
categories,” concluded Craney.

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