Monday, February 11, 2013

Support former Navy Seal & #MAgop Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez. See the talked about OPSEC video here!

Republican  candidate and former Navy Seal Gabriel Gomez was a 

member of OPSEC a non-partisan grassroots advocacy organization focused on 

protecting US Special Operations Forces and national intelligence assets and 

operatives from political exploitation and policies, and the misuse of classified 

information, that unnecessarily exposes them and their families to greater risk 

and reduces their effectiveness in keeping Americans safe. 

Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how 

President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their 

service for political advantage. Countless leaks,

STOP the politicians, President Obama and others from politically capitalizing 

on U.S. national security operations and secrets!

View the video here that has over 5.4 Million views and has the liberals all 
worked up! OPSEC - Dishonorable Disclosures:  via @youtube

More on Candidate Gabriel Gomez can be seen at Red Mass Group. Link here:

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