Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gabriel Gomez had the guts to Challenge Democrats, Like a Navy Seal, Like regular folk

Rule #1, ALL of the media is out to destroy Republican candidates. In particular they go after Female and Minority Republicans with added zeal. I read a story tonight about Gomez asking Gov Patrick to seat him instead of a Crony in a secret process for the vacant Senate Seat. The media is going to spin and do all they can here to disparage Gabriel, that's what they do.

It appears Gomez had the guts to urge Gov Patrick to cross party lines and appoint a fresh face to serve, Maybe Naive to think the Democrats would ever capitulate to such a request but Gomez 
took the issue head on, probably as his Navy Seal background taught him to do.

The Liberal media are more than OK with Patrick making the appointment in secret and appointing party hacks.

Gomez agrees with regular folks - why does the Gov get to do this? He had the guts to challenge the Democrats. I feel the same way, these one party Democrat politicians no longer serve or represent us, we the people. I'm sick and tired of more of the same on Beacon Hill and DC.

Bottom line Gov Patrick chose his hack politics over bipartisan outreach. So here we are now. Gabriel Gomez is now choosing to take matters into his own hands and run, and let the people decide. 

I'm ready to help fight for this Senate seat, I'm betting Gabriel Gomez is too. Let's Roll.   

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