Saturday, February 2, 2013

Eight Vulnerable Dem Senate Seats - Conservatives need to target

2013/14 is poised to  to be a big year for Conservative Candidates as there are multiple Democrat seats up, many in traditionally Red States. The Liberals continue to push their agenda of higher taxes and more spending. Conservative policies work, period.

Jay Rockefeller (D) : Vacant - West Virginia
Mark Pryor (D) - Arkansas
Tim Johnson (D) - South Dakota
Mary Landrieu (D) - Louisiana
Mark Begich (D) - Alaska
Max Baucus (D) - Montana
Kay Hagan (D) - North Carolina
Ed Markey Mark : Vacant  (Progressive) - Massachusetts

All of these candidates are in trouble with recent Democratic Second Amendment (#2A) gun grab efforts, Socialist Obamacare takeover, 2013 Tax hikes hitting 77%, Anti US Energy and jobs (Fracking, War on Coal, Anti Keystone, Pro EPA)  and voodo climate change green energy redistribution lunacy.

We need to focus our efforts on these candidates. We need to run principled conservative, smaller Government, strong on national defense, fiscally responsible candidates. Time to force the Democrats to play defense!

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