Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gabriel Gomez to Kick off Senate Campaign at Newton Event on 2/28

Below is the official Announcement and a link to the Fundraiser Invitation. A $50 Contribution is required to attend though there is also reported to be a free Campaign event to be announced earlier in the day.

Dear Friend,

Last week, I announced my candidacy for United States Senate in the open seat special election on June 25th, 2013.  Our nation faces many great challenges. We find ourselves deeply in debt, stranded without a budget, and hamstrung by partisan gridlock. People say it can’t be changed.  Well, I don’t buy that. I’ve decided to try to be part of the solution.

As the son of Colombian immigrants, I have lived the American Dream and sought to give back to this great country that welcomed my parents with open arms and unlimited opportunities.  It was an abiding sense of duty to country that inspired me to apply to the U.S. Naval Academy, become a Navy aircraft pilot, and ultimately, a Navy SEAL.

After serving as a Navy SEAL unit commander and attending Harvard Business School, I joined the private sector here in Massachusetts. As a businessman, I saw firsthand how onerous taxes and excessive regulation are barriers to job creation and hurt our families.  I also learned what it takes to help businesses and workers prosper and thrive.

I’m running to serve, and I mean that in the old fashioned patriotic sense of the word.  I’m not a politician, and I’ll have a very different kind of campaign. I am looking forward to joining this fight with you to put Massachusetts and our country back on the right track.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my life is the value of teamwork.  It is in that spirit that I ask you to join me in this campaign. If you don’t have time to help, please consider making a contribution to support my campaign.

I ask you to consider my training and service – U.S. Naval Academy, Navy aircraft carrier pilot, Navy SEAL, and a successful private sector business career.  Washington clearly needs some new ideas from folks who value service above self.

Our country is better than its politics.  Let’s fix it together.


Gabriel Gomez

P.S. If you donate $50 or more you are welcome to attend my campaign kickoff event at the Newton Marriott on Thursday, February 28th. To view the invitation please click here.

To read more about why I'm running for the U.S. Senate, visit my website at:www.GomezforMA.com.
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A link to Invitation:


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