Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mass Establishment GOP punishing EBT welfare reformer advocates & Rick Green supporters

What should be lauded and promoted has proven an opportunity for the Mass GOP to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Shaunna OConnell (R) looks to reform EBT identity verification    She has courageously Confronted Dem backed fraud yet gets a  reprimand! Not rewarded?  She was recently passed over for committee assignment for "making waves" by Brad Jones, the Establishment backing GOP Minority leader. Apparently not one Rep that endorsed Rick Green for MAGOP Chair was assigned to the Ways & Means committee. The glaring omission was Shauna OConnell who has done great work exposing Democrat protected EBT/Welfare abuse. She was on this influential committee for the last session. Apparently confronting abuse and endorsing Rick Green caused her to be assigned elsewhere.

If you are irate that one of the most effective legislators in the State House was taken off of committee > call Republican Minority leader Brad Jones to protest. His phone number is 617-722-2100 and he can be reached at his website here >  I think it is contemptible that Rep Shauna O'Connell was kicked off her committee for exposing EBT/Welfare fraud. Unfortunately the establishment GOP we have leading these days appear more than willing to play nice and accede power to the Democrats. Its time to stop running the Republican party as a Dem Lite option and harken back on proven Conservative/Liberty principles as a contrast to the Liberal tax and spend corrupt Democrat party.  

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