Friday, February 8, 2013

Boston Globe & MA GOP blast Mass Dem's "Tax and Spending Plan"

  • Brazen Mass Dem's try and ram through the largest Tax hike in State's history. Even in the face of massive Welfare and EBT fraud Liberal Gov Deval Patrick looks to increase spending by $2.5B. In a near unprecedented move the Boston Globe blasted the @MassDems plans. The Mass GOP also released a scathing critique on the story - referenced below 

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February 8, 2013
Tim Buckley
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Boston Globe Rips Patrick’s “Tax And Spending Plan”  

Boston- Today, the Boston Globe editorialized on Governor Deval Patrick’s tax hike proposals, calling them “liberal day dreams” and fiscally irresponsible.

Patrick’s tax-and-spending plan too ambitious
By Scott Lehigh 

“BEACON HILL policymakers have long known that they must address the state’s underfunded, debt-ridden transportation system.

“But with his big new tax-and-spending plan, Governor Patrick isn’t attempting just to fix transportation.

“He’s trying to reinvent the wheel.

“His transportation and education agenda doesn’t reflect the tough choices that tight times require, but rather is an attempt to slip the surly bonds of fiscal gravity, the better to indulge liberal daydreams.”

“His transportation-and-education agenda doesn’t reflect the tough choices that tight times require.

“Under Patrick’s new plan, however, that would change.

“Annual spending would jump by about $2.5 billion, an increase of 7.5 percent, according to the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, whose fiscal figures I’ve used in this column. That would outstrip the rise in personal income, projected at 4.7 percent, and start to change the growth-of-government trajectory.

“Patrick’s plan would also spell a substantial increase in the state’s tax take. When fully phased in, it would raise another $1.9 billion annually in tax revenue.”

“Although Patrick says his tax package won’t return us to Taxachusetts, it would move the Commonwealth from third to first among the states based on personal-income-tax revenue collected as a percentage of personal income.

“His proposal is essentially a back-door attempt to turn the state’s flat income tax into a progressive one. In that context, it’s worth noting that voters have rejected ballot questions aimed at establishing a graduated income tax five times in the last half-century, most recently in 1994, when the idea was resoundingly defeated.”


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