Monday, February 25, 2013

Did Winslow Sunday news on making Ballot push Social Media metrics?

Late Sunday Dan Winslow broke news that he had the signatures to make Ballot. Not all that unexpected but we will track to see if he see's an uptick in Facebook/Twitter activity. Early Monday morning update below and such a boost has yet to be observed.

Gabriel Gomez is walking out his Campaign on Thursday in Newton at the Marriott. Also events for Thursday and Friday look to be announced very soon. Gabriel's Social media lead in activity and growth rates continue.

Michael Sullivan will likely be announcing he has his 10,000 signatures soon also. He has Twitter activists posting their signed sheet pictures late last night on twitter in response to the Winslow news. Oddly the official Draft Sullivan account has been dark for 4 days.

Over at Red Mass Group - Gabriel Gomez is winning their online Poll with Dan Winslow a disappointing third.

Gomez - 1,115
Sullivan - 755
Winslow - 585  Vote here

Updated Stats for today:

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,451, +10
Twitter - 2,402, +10

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 3,673, +142
Twitter - 1,112, +58

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 900, +24
Twitter - 142, +1

I am looking to see who has Google+ pages and related interest activity later in the week.   

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