Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fox news looks to hire Moderate Scott Brown, eyes Hillary

Various news outlets are reporting that recently defeated Senator Scott Brown is close to signing a deal to work for Fox News as a contributor. This would further bolster the Fox News move to the left by Roger Ailes who has been very open on said matter. Scott Brown would bring instant left of center Moderate credentials to Fox.

Fox News and Conservative Teaparty darling Sarah Palin recently parted ways with Fox News upon completion of her multi year, multi million dollar contract. This is on the heels of Fox jetting the likes of Newt, Rick Santorum, and Glenn Beck.

There is also heavy rumor on the street that Ailes heavily covets hiring Hillary Clinton. That would be the crowning achievement to his transformation to a truly left leaning Network. Other coveted hires could be Cavalier Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Globalist Green favorite Al Gore and the Soros backed self avowed Communist activist, Van Jones. Roger Ailes is a CFR member and had vowed to take take the station left after the 2010 elections. As we move into 2013 he is delivering on that promise. I hope he factored in that NOBODY watches liberal programming.

If I were Brett Baier, Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity or John Bolton at Fox News I might not be signing any long term leases.... For those still interested in right leaning News coverage check out and support Glenn Beck's the Blaze Network here:


  1. I didn't know this... FOX stands alone against the liberal biased MSM. Ending this balance would be an American tragedy. Why? ???????

  2. Ugh... I just read more about Ailes taking FOX News politically left due to not getting the 2012 election prediction correctly or whatever. This looks purely like a financial decision. One would hope that the responsibly in news media is to do the right thing for our country in true factual news and not lean anywhere for profits being the prime motivator. We're screwed. .

  3. I'm a young conservative and Fox News has terrible on air personalities currently; Scott Brown would be a welcomed addition.