Saturday, February 16, 2013

Re: Obama 2008 - Why we need to welcome Gabriel Gomez to the Republican Party

Gabriel Gomez will need to speak on his Obama 2008 support.  I am sure he feels misled, 

and is unhappy with the direction of the country since he was elected. I saw in Open Secrets he 

gave the max to Republican candidate Mitt Romney in 2012 and was very critical of Obama on

military leaks, Bin Laden with the OPSEC SuperPAC.

And are we not trying to bring on and welcome Hispanic successful and solid citizens like

Gabriel into the Republican party? What message do we send attacking him for converting 

over to the party of Liberty, family values, lower taxes, strong military, smaller Govt? I am going 

to give a former Navy Seal the chance to lay out his vision before I pass that judgement.

I guess many today would not have welcome a certain individual to the Republican party that 

voted for Democrats until his 50's, including uber liberal FDR three times. I am glad that we 

gave Ronald Reagan that chance, and he turned into a shining beacon for the Conservative 

movement.  Heck we would have excluded Rick Perry in Texas too by the same logic. 

I am willing to listen more to what Gabriel Gomez brings to the party and listen to what he has to 

say. As a former Navy Seal, son of immigrants, fellow concerned citizen and parent, He 

deserves that chance.  We need to foster new energetic leaders, and work with new Mass 

GOP chair Kirsten Hughes in building a sharp contrast to the Democrats and DC elites in 

Massachusetts.  I think a Gabriel Gomez Senate candidacy is a breath of fresh air. 


  1. He is a Naval officer and a SEAL, with that comes an expectation of honor. THAT I respect deeply in him; make NO mistake about that.

    but given that honor, he gave his word, in writing, that he wold support Obama's policies on gun control and healthcare. THAT disqualifies him from representing me, no matter what his OTHER qualifications are.

  2. Gomez voted for McCain in 2008, Gave max to Romney 2012 and backed the Navy SEAL opsec PAC that blistered Obama in 2018.Gomez is right of Liberal Dan Winslow on EVERY issue, explain that Chip. Winslow ONLY GOP YES VOTE FOR Bathroom bill and is disqualified,Chip. Sullivan is the candidate that has multiple pro #2a Gun Groups opposing him. Ted Kennedy endorsed him on his liberal gun control stances. Explain that Chip. Sullivan also the only candidate for partial Amnesty. Good luck smearing Gomez for a $230 donation and naively trying to serve "We The People" Good luck with your career politician guys, Chip.

  3. Special Operations for America announce's full support for Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez in Senate Election … #magop #tcot

    Support former Navy SEAL & #MAgop Senate Candidate and see the Navy SEAL OPSEC add that has Liberals all worked up...

    GOP's #MAsen candidate Mike Sullivan shows himself to be as anti-gun as Ted Kennedy: Gun Owners of America … #nra #2a