Thursday, February 14, 2013

Michael Sullivan, Sean Bielat poised to jump in #MAsen race

Following up on the huge splash upstart Gabriel Gomez made earlier this week announcing his run, two more candidates are reported to have pulled papers. Michael Sullivan could announce as early as today various news outlets are reporting.

Sean Bielat, the teaparty darling for challenging Liberal Barney Frank in 2010 is also mulling a run. This is on the heels of losing a 2012 Congressional race to a Kennedy.

This is exciting news to the Mass Gop and new Chair Kirsten Hughes who was saddled with the abrupt Scott Brown drop out. He is since signed and is now working for Fox News. All this is devastating news to ex Romney Attorney and Moderate Dan Winslow who was looking pretty running as the GOP Establishment defacto only choice last week. That has already shifted with Kerry Healey coming out with Gabriel Gomez support.

Players to watch are the Mass Fiscal crew with Rick Green and Paul Craney. The Grassroots was highly energized by Rick Greens bid to win the Mass Chair seat and will be closely watching their endorsement or guidance in this race.

The wild card is that all these candidates still need to get 10,000 signatures in two weeks....

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