Friday, February 15, 2013

MA Senate Candidate Fetherston Invites Socialists into Big Tent then drops out & Endorsement Spoiler

The below statement takes the Big Tent GOP appeasement program to all new levels. 

In a written statement from his MA Senate campaign, it states Candidate Jon Fetherston will:
* Work every day to represent all the citizens of Massachusetts whether they are Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, male, female, gay, immigrants, rich or poor.

Not surprisingly said candidate dropped out today. In a not sure what the heck it means, said candidate then endorsed Michael Sullivan.  

Rino is so PC ingrained in the establishment  mindset even As Progressives unapologetically want to bash their brains in. I strongly believe we need to stop trying to appease the hard left/socialists like Fetherston did there.

I agree with new party Chair Kirsten Hughes statement today 100%..."GOP to offer new direction, stark contrast to DC lifers"

Lets offer clear contrasts from the Democrats, and fight the One party rule Corruptocrats here in Massachusetts... Anyone else fed up? 

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