Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mass GOP Candidate Dan Winslow for Open source Govt & Net Neutrality with Democrats

Via Twitter - @DanWinslow Only one candidate for US Senate has record of standing up to Microsoft for a free Internet and open source in govt. 

Do we have a Massachusetts Senate Candidate lining up with liberals the likes of Kerry, Rockefeller, Soros, Franken on Net Neutrality? See Dan Winslow's coy Tweet recently. Note the use of Dem talking point "for a free Internet and open source in govt" Classic liberalese talk - sounds good till you read what the heck they are really up to. > The Future of Government Power Grabs? Our Digital Data Obamacare, gun grabs, net neutrality > Net Neutrality: Obama’s Way of Saying “ShuddupaYourFace!” > Marsha Blackburn calls on repeal of the FCC’s Net Neutrality power grab Beware Dem's & Rino's back at this

More on Winslow referenced "Open Source Government" here:   

Democrats push for open Internet, cybersecurity Beware Liberals and Rino's are back #NetNeutrality #tcot #redstate

Kerry, Rockefeller, Franken, Dem's Fight for Net Neutrality Protections, Open Govt  

Obama Details Open Government's Next Phase Beware RINO's buying into Dem strategy w #netnuetrality 

I am calling on Republican National subject matter experts to Vet this out and Cover this story. We can't continue to push Dem Lite candidates. We need to contrast and differentiate with the Democrat party or we are doomed to lose over and over.

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