Saturday, February 9, 2013

Michele Bachmann continues to lead fight against ObamaCare

Obamacare is by and far a national disaster and one of the worst  policies in our nation's history, and the worse is yet to come.  Michele Bachmann is the chairwoman of the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Representatives and a Teaparty favorite. She has been at the forefront of the Obamacare repeal movement and she continues to highlight the devastating impact of its implementation. 

Bachmann's latest bill is titled “To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010,”  Michele has taken up the fight once again upon returning to Congress. Michele has led a coalition that has resulted in Speaker Boehner voting to repeal Obamacare 33 times since it was signed. The Senate led Democrats have killed all House bills.

Below are a few articles and updates recommended via Michele Bachmann's weekly newsletter.  Please read and continue to show steadfast support of our shared conservative values and opposition to the Socialist Govt takeover of our healthcare system.

Recommended Links

The Washington Times, February 7: ‘Obamacare’ health care reform ALREADY forcing doctors to close practices

"The Affordable Care Act isn’t scheduled to be fully implemented until next year, but some doctors already are viewing it as dead on arrival. The medical rumor mill is abuzz with stories about physicians girding for Mr. Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement by limiting their exposure to Medicare and Medicaid, selling their practices, converting to fee-for-service approaches, or even retiring from medicine altogether.

Every single day, people are talking about retiring early, getting out of clinical medicine, or going into hospital administration, where you don’t have to think about patient care anymore,” said Dr. Richard Armstrong, a Michigan surgeon and chief operating officer of Docs 4 Patient Care, which opposes the Affordable Care Act."

The Washington Examiner, February 7: Byron York: With public focused on jobs, Washington fights other fights

"A new survey on the effects of the economic downturn shows many more Americans than previously reported have been profoundly touched by joblessness and its related hardships.

In addition, the survey, by scholars at Rutgers University, shows more Americans than previously thought blame illegal immigration for the problem of unemployment -- more than blame Wall Street bankers, or George W. Bush, or Barack Obama.

So what is Washington doing amid these deep economic anxieties? Working on a bipartisan plan that would begin with the mass, immediate legalization of illegal immigrants, before any border security or enforcement measures."

The New York Times, February 7: Obama Plans Fund-Raising Trips to Aid Senate and House Candidates

"The president, who has a vested interest in Democrats retaining their Senate majority and trying to narrow Republican control of the House, is already making plans to return to the campaign trail. He has agreed to hold at least 14 separate fund-raising events this year, a Democratic official familiar with the plans told The New York Times, characterizing it as an 'aggressive schedule.'"

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