Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obama defends right to use Drones to kill US citizens

In a likely unconstitutional move, The Obama White House has released a memo saying it's legal for them to kill U.S. citizens, even if there is no intelligence pointing to any active plot against America. 

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: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/05/senators-threaten-confrontation-with-obama-nominees-over-drone-concerns/#ixzz2K4cWfToK

That the US Government thinks they have the right to kill American citizens with no oversight or due process is chilling, outrageous and a new era sobering reality for all deemed political opposition or domestic terrorists. Obama has already labeled returning Military vets and Teaparty members as domestic terrorists. 

Leaked Justice Department documents says the Government has the legal authority to target & kill American citizens believed to be playing significant operational roles in al-Qaida or related terrorist groups, per an online report by NBC News.
This report said the document offers a detailed explanation of when it's appropriate to use deadly force against Americans, even if there is no definitive evidence against said individuals. This document broadens the legal justification supporting a recent surge in drone strikes, including those targeting Americans.
This might seem outrageous but in recent weeks it has been reported that Obama is grilling Military leaders, demanding they agree to fire on US citizens.  http://joemiller.us/2013/01/shock-claim-obama-only-wants-military-leaders-who-will-fire-on-u-s-citizens/ What?
Then there is this -  WATCH - Special Forces Chief: 'Everything Done In Every Marxist Insurgency Are Being Done In America Today'
In summary: Obama sought out Marxist professors. Shouldn't that have been a clue of some kind? To fail to learn from history dooms one to repeat it... See 20th Century History and Socialist rule and related loss of liberty and mass genocides. Oh and also, that same Obama is also on a mission to unarm law abiding Americans. 

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