Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Social Media Race for the Mass GOP Senate

In what could be an interesting metric to judge Candidate outreach, enthusiasm and effectiveness I will be reporting updated Facebook and Twitter rankings for the candidates. Sprinkling in other Social media observations as well.

Dan Winslow - Has been on Social media for years, has a small base that appears flat in growth. He has also created a Team Winslow twitter account that has around 100 followers for this race.

Twitter Followers - 2,323
Facebook  - 2,368

Gabriel Gomez - New to social media Team Gomez appears to be waging an early campaign to build out local and national web awareness. I have observed multiple online Gomez ads being sponsored and placed on the web, political blogs, Facebook etc. He has already near caught Winslow in Facebook while making inroads on Twitter.

Twitter Followers - 550
Facebook - 1,840

Mike Sullivan - the grey haired Bush official seems to be going at this old school. Has not set up a website, and looking for volunteers to get him off the ground. He looks to have key support on social media but not sure how far that is resonating based on these stats.

Twitter Followers - 68
Facebook - 527

Summary - Former Romney attorney Dan Winslow is treading water and harkening back to the Scott Brown campaign trick book. Recently going all in green climate sustainability driving around in his #Volt and tweeting pictures. Gabriel Gomez appears to be embracing newer technology, targeted online advertising and building up his social media presence very quickly. Mike Sullivan looks to be not so comfortable in the new world of social media and campaigning in 2013. Let's see how far his Draft committee can carry this for him.

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  1. He has also created a Team get more instagram followers free Winslow twitter account that has around 100 followers for this race.