Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rove backed GOP Establishment creates PAC to fend off Grassroot Conservatives

Great , The NY Times reports that the GOP’s big donors are launching efforts to fend off challenges to “establishment Republican candidates.”
The group, the Rove backed Conservative Victory Project, is intended to counter other organizations that have helped defeat establishment Republican candidates in recent election cycles.  So the GOP establishment is setting up to fight against Teaparty and Conservative grassroots candidates.  This new Moderate backed group looks to recruit candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by Conservatives & Teaparty enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s efforts to win control of the Senate.
It's official - the GOP establishment has brazenly declared war on the Teaparty, Grassroots and Liberty based movements. Flat out suicidal move, but then again this is the party ceding Constitutional powers to Obama, raising taxes, not cutting spending and caving on Amnesty and Debt Ceiling.

I am calling on a flat out third party or Conservative challenge to every and all local, State, National establishment seats in 2013/14 and 2016.

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