Friday, February 22, 2013

Gabriel Gomez winning Red Mass Group Poll & Friday updated Social Media Metrics

Confirming some of the Social media metric's I have been tracking Gabriel Gomez  is having a very strong showing at the Red Mass Group poll  Results: Gomez 1,069 Sullivan 657 Winslow 553 

That Gabriel Gomez is showing so strongly as a relatively unkown (outsider) is a good early sign. Jury is out on how the draft Campaign of Bush/Ashcroft'er Attorney Mike Sullivan will be received in 2013. Dan Winslow continues to lag 3rd in Social media metrics below.

Dan Winslow

Facebook - 2,418, +14
Twitter - 2,383, +13

Gabriel Gomez

Facebook - 3,252, +273
Twitter - 932, +140

Michael E Sullivan

Facebook - 824, +48
Twitter - 134, +4

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