Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Our country is better than its politics. Let’s fix it" Gabriel Gomez

Watch former Navy Seal and Republican Senate Candidate Gabriel Gomez announcement video and read more on why he is running.

Why I Am Running
By Gabriel Gomez
February 12, 2013
I’m running to serve, and I mean that in the old fashioned patriotic sense of the word.
In my military career, at the U.S. Naval Academy, as a Navy aircraft carrier pilot, and as a Navy SEAL, I learned one thing above all else – serving others is more important than being served.
My parents immigrated to this country from Colombia, seeking opportunity, seeking a fair chance.  Our great country gave them that, and they found the American Dream: A dream of a better life, a dream of a fair shot to work hard and make a life for our family.  As a result, early in my childhood I developed a strong desire to serve and give back to this great country that welcomed my parents with not only open arms but with unlimited opportunities.  That is why I entered the Naval Academy, out of a sense of duty to country.
I’ve been blessed; my business career has mostly thrived in the 15 years since I left the SEAL Teams.  But when I look at what is going on in Washington, I become very anxious about America’s future.  I’ve decided to try to be part of the solution.
Most people agree the approach in Washington is not working.  Folks in Congress are entrenched in their ideological positions, and common sense and reasonableness have disappeared. I would like to be a voice for bipartisanship, reasonableness and common sense.
As I look at Washington I see a lot of unproductive noise, and bickering, and I see two parties attacking each other at all times over every issue, I see gridlock, I see a partisan atmosphere where very few are willing to work together.  Any objective view of Washington reveals severe dysfunction.
I’m in the investment business, and if I were evaluating the federal government today, I would say it is an overburdened, bloated system that literally has no budget, runs an annual deficit, and is $16 trillion in debt.  It is a system that requires hard decisions from both sides to return it to the prosperous country of opportunity all Americans deserve.
So…you might ask…why then am I running for the Senate?
I’m running because I refuse to be cynical about America or about America’s future.  I’m a doer and an optimist by nature, and especially about our country.  Certainly people will say this can’t be fixed.  Well, I’ve spent a good part of my life working on and accomplishing a lot of things most people said were either too hard or impossible. I look at it this way – If you have an opportunity to make a difference, you should take it.
There are serious issues that need to be addressed, not ignored such as a growing national debt, increasing annual deficits, runaway spending – the United States Senate hasn’t even passed a federal budget since 2008.  We all know what the problems are, but like parents who sacrifice long term discipline for short term popularity with their children; Congress keeps kicking the can down the road.  It’s going to take leadership to put partisanship aside and work together.  And it’s going to take something we almost never see in politics – candor about spending cuts.
Last month we avoided the fiscal cliff by raising taxes on everyone.  But even if we raised taxes to 100% on the wealthiest taxpayers, it wouldn’t be enough to balance our federal budget.  We need spending cuts, and I don’t say that based on some rigid ideological position, but because it is the only common sense way to balance the budget.
Why are we up against mandatory sequestration cuts?  Because Congress has repeatedly avoided making tough decisions because they are focused on being re-elected.  And while more tax increases may make some in Washington feel better, they will hurt hard working American families.  Washington does not seem to realize that tax increases kill jobs.
I will go at this campaign with great determination.  I want to get to the U.S. Senate, to work with people from both parties to find solutions. If I offer myself to the people of Massachusetts, and if they say no thanks, I will accept their decision.  But in the meantime, be forewarned, I will charge hard in this campaign, I do not believe in doing anything half way.
Everyone in Congress has their first day, their first year, and their first term.  Look at my training – serving my country, U.S. Naval Academy, Navy aircraft carrier pilot, Navy SEAL, successful private sector, business career.  I’m not a politician, and there will be times when folks will ask me questions about the inner working of politics that I don’t know about.  I’m a quick study, I’ll figure all the political jargon out, but I’m not going to adopt it.  I’m not saying governance or being a Senator is easy, nor am I saying I don’t have some things to learn – I am saying I am up to the task.  And let’s look in the other direction – maybe Washington has something to learn – they clearly need some new ideas and sending career politicians would be the same old same old. Our country is better than its politics. Let’s fix it.

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